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Our Story

Suluk, a locally owned and operated company, provides janitorial and other services. Serving a diverse client base both in the public and private sector, the team at Suluk prides itself on delivering the highest standards in residential, commercial and building services. We are based in Kuujjuaq and operate throughout Nunavik.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide employment opportunities in Nunavik, to build capacity, and to empower Inuit: To provide a quality product to our clients at a competitive cost: To use our strength of local and regional knowledge with a keen focuses on growth and stability for Suluk.

Our Team

The team at Suluk is composed of more than 16 full and part time dedicated individuals. Whether in Kuujjuaq or Nunavik, the strong work ethic and dedication of each individual make the entire group at Suluk a true service oriented team.

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